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7th Grade Community Service Requirements

7th Grade Community Service Requirements 

Community Service is required for all students in the IB/MYP program. Service by Learning is an opportunity to put into action those IB Learner Profile attributes as well as the Approaches to Learning Skills students are expected to master in the IB program.   

Students are expected to meet 8 learning outcomes by the end of their 8th grade year in preparation for the Personal Project in the 10th grade. Students will focus on 4 during their 7th grade year.   

This year, we are focusing on the following learning outcomes for 7th grade:  

Learning Outcome 1: Increased awareness of your own strengths and areas of growth.
Learning Outcome 2: Undertook a new challenge
Learning Outcome 4: Worked collaboratively with others
Learning Outcome 8: Developed new skills  

Each quarter we are focusing on a different learning outcome, and for the 1st quarter, we are focusing on Learning Outcome 2: Undertook a new challenge. Students are expected to complete 2 activities where they undertake a new challenge. Because community service is new to many of them, they can pretty much do community service anywhere (e.g., Florence Museum, public library, nursing home, animal shelter, church events, etc.). The link for additional opportunities is at the bottom. We do not set up community service for students. Also, students are expected to reflect on their experience using the attached form, and collect evidence of their community service, which is listed on the form.   

Students are expected to stay a minimum of 1 hour to get credit, and a reflection form is due for each activity. Reflection forms will be uploaded to the MYP webpage on the Williams's website. At the end of the quarter, students will turn their community service reflection forms into their advisory teacher. Pocket folders are suggested so students can keep their community service forms organized.   

When opportunities arise, I will send an email. When you're aware of opportunities, please let me know so that I can share with other parents and students.